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  NEXT CLASS: 01/17/2020 (YOU MUST EMAIL ( to request registration form. Registration must be completed and paid no less than 2 weeks prior to class. (Less 4 participants within 2 weeks of the class date will result in class cancellation or rescheduled). 


NEXT CLASS: 02/21/2020 (YOU MUST EMAIL ( to request registration form. Registration must be completed and paid no less than 2 weeks prior to class.

DER TRAINING      NEXT CLASS: no dates please call


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Urine Collection Personnel

The collectors are required to meet the following training requirements:

1. Knowledge. The collector must be knowledgeable of the current Urine Specimen Collection Procedures Guidelines and guidelines applicable to workplace testing.

2. Qualification training. The collector must receive qualification training that provides instruction on all steps necessary to complete a collection correctly and proper completion and transmission of the custody form (CCF);problem collections, fatal flaw, correctable flaws, and how to correct collection problems; and the collector’s responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the collection process, ensuring the accuracy in results of the drug testing device being utilized, ensuring the security of the specimen, and avoiding conduct or statements that could be viewed as offensive or inappropriate.

3. Initial proficiency demonstration. Following training completion, the collection personnel must demonstrate proficiency in collections by completing five consecutive error-free mock collections.

4. Refresher training. Collectors must undergo refresher training, including the five error-free collections, at least every three years.

5. Error correction training. If a collector makes a mistake that causes a test to be cancelled, he/she must undergo error collection training according to the requirements within 30 days. 
Collection Sites This course satisfies the DOT qualification training and proficiency demonstration requirements. During the course, each attendee will be provided with an official ATG Certified Professional Collector™ Training and Study manual. Following the course, attendees are eligible to take the Collector Certification Exam and awarded A Certified Professional Collector™ Certificate upon successful completion of the exam.



ATG a leading Occupational Testing provider.


Onsite and in-clinic exams available
  • Physicals
  • Clinical Lab Testing
  • Vision/ Hearing Exams
  • Fitness For Duty
  • Counseling

Our physicians and medical staff operate under strict guidelines for performing all medical services. Same day examinations are always available. Also upon request, we can perform these services at your organization (5 tests min) with our Mobile Medical staff.

Our examinations incorporates the required medical assessment including vision, hearing, blood pressure/pulse and urinalysis as well as review of medical history. The average time it takes to finish an exam is between 15~20 minutes.

Titmus and Ishihara vision testing.

Take advantage of our low price examinations today!

Walk in special: $50 (Basic Exam)

Onsite or professional visits: call for pricing




Price includes: consultation, examination, urinalysis, and DOT medical card DOT physicals for most truck and bus drivers. DOT/CDL physicals involve certification or re-certification examinations which meet federal regulatory requirements.

ATG DOT-on-the-SPOT program ensures that DOT/CDL drivers get a thorough physical exam that meets DOT regulations - with walk-in convenience.

Our certified physicians have an in-depth understanding of the federal DOT medical regulations to prevent truck drivers and bus drivers from being inappropriately disqualified from their livelihood. We can complete a thorough exam efficiently so that drivers are back on the road quickly.


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920 18th Street South, Suite B, Birmingham AL 35205

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